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Support for Canadians during COVID-19


Even during a pandemic, cancer continues to be a matter of life and death.


Due to COVID-19, many cancer screenings, surgeries, and other treatments have been postponed. A CCS survey showed that 47% of people with cancer reported their cancer care appointments were disrupted, causing additional fear, frustration and anxiety. In fact, we anticipate an overwhelming number of cancer cases diagnosed or treated too late.


Your gift will help provide anyone affected by cancer during the pandemic with reliable information, compassionate support and hope for a brighter future. You will help fund our toll-free helpline, online and phone-based support programs and webinars, trusted health information, a first-of-its-kind clinical trial to test new treatment designed to help reduce the threat of COVID-19 in people undergoing active cancer treatment, and advocacy work to champion the needs of people with cancer and their caregivers throughout the pandemic.


Together, we can make a real difference for people affected by cancer during COVID-19 and beyond.