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How it works

What happens when you buy a 
Gift for the Cure?

What happens when you buy a 
Gift for the Cure?

When you purchase a gift from our Gifts for the Cure collection, you will be funding critical research that will give hope to those living with cancer. You will also be providing important support programs for those affected by this disease so that they can live life to the fullest.

For example, your $10 gift of A Phone Call goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society’s support and information programs where our highly informed and compassionate team is just a phone call away, ready to answer questions.
Frequently asked questions

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Choose your gift - or gifts!

With more than 35 gifts to choose from, there’s a Gift for the Cure for everyone on your list. Many gifts are matched so your dollars go further and have even greater impact!
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Step 2 Choose your free greeting card

Delight your gift recipient with a free greeting card to share the meaningful gift you’ve given in their name. There are plenty of beautiful cards for every occasion, and any card can be personalized with your own message! When you check out, you can choose a mailed card, an e-card or a print-at-home pdf for each gift you purchase.
  • Mailed cards can be sent to your gift recipient, or to you so you can give in person.
  • Ecards can be delivered immediately or on a date you specify.
  • Print-at-home pdfs are another convenient solution for last-minute gifts.

Step 3 Make a difference!

Your gift will fund the research or support program described, and will help change the lives of Canadians living with cancer.
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